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Energy Management Platform

Alektrona’s Energy Management Platform is truly open and widely compatible with standards-based energy devices and management software from all vendors. This allows energy solution providers to build a “best of breed” advanced metering system, demand response program or energy management system that best meets their customers' needs and budget.

Platform Overview

The Platform is comprised of the Energy Management Hub, that monitors and controls energy devices at the customer premise, and the Energy Management Web Service, that dramatically simplifies how provider Smart Grid applications interact with devices in scale deployments while simultaneously maximizing consumer choice.

Beta. The Energy Management Platform is available now as a Beta for utilities and partners to evaluate. Please contact us for information on how to participate.

Typical Applications

Residential, Small Commercial. The Platform enables a wide range of applications such as energy efficiency, consumer monitoring and control, demand side management, and advanced metering. Flexible configuration supports deployments with and without smart meters. In addition to residential deployments, the Platform is equally adept at handling the additional challenges present in small commercial environments.

Multi Dwelling Units. Accounting for greater than 30% of utility customers, the limited communication range of smart meters in multi dwelling units means that promised consumer benefits cannot be realized. Alektrona's patent-pending technology solves the problem, is compatible with all smart meters, is universal, and is low cost as compared to conventional solutions.

Features and Benefits

Open. The Energy Management Hub seamlessly integrates the latest Smart Energy and OpenADR energy devices and energy management software, which enhances the reliability and functionality of third party energy management solutions.

. Tested and trusted. Alektrona’s Energy Management Hub is compatible with a rapidly increasing number of energy devices from displays and meters to thermostats and load controllers.

Multi-Meter Connectivity
. Electric, gas, and water meters in multi-dwelling units can be read from a single Multi Meter Manager enabling near-real time meter and price information to be provided to consumers without straining the utility's meter network.

Differentiating. The Platform easily supports proprietary device and software capabilities which enables key marketplace differentiation to service providers.

Scalable. In addtion to abstracting the monitoring and control of energy devices, the Energy Management Web Service is being built to scale for large deployments. In a complex and rapidly-growing industry, Alektrona is a stable and reliable single point of integration.

Easy Integration, Flexible Delivery. Alektrona simplifies integration with optimized web service client libraries and extensive documentation and support, which reduces development costs and decreases operational expenses. The Energy Management Web Service can either be hosted and managed by Alektrona as a service, or optionally hosted and managed by the provider.

Easy to Upgrade. The Energy Management Hub is "future-proof". Firmware, standards, security and more can be upgraded, easily and remotely, which extends its product lifecycle, and reduces the potential of stranded assets.

Easy to Maintain Connected Devices. Similarly, the Energy Management Hub makes it easy to maintain connected energy devices using standards such as FTP, SCP and the ZigBee Over-The-Air update feature to help you get the most out of your capital investment.

Mixed-Standards Compatible. If older devices aren't upgradeable, they can still be networked. Alektrona's Energy Hub is reverse compatible, which further extends the lifecycle of deployed devices and reduces the number of stranded assets.

Uninterrupted Services. Pre-set, condition-based demand response programs and other services can be implemented even during a network outage. Monitored data is also cached, then transmitted when the network connection is restored so data logs (meter consumption readings, thermostat heating and cooling cycles, current room temperature and set points, the on/off state of load controllers and more) are fully updated. Uninterrupted communications enhances third party energy services. (under development)

Secure. Enterprise-level, multi-layer security improves energy management system reliability and ensures customer network privacy.